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Festival events for 2015

Preparations are picking up speed for opening our gardens in 2015. 

We are having our AGM on Tuesday 10 February at Ford House in Bridgetown for 2015 (details in our January newsletter) and we are now seeking applications from gardeners in the inland South West who would like to open their gardens for autumn. 

Dates for gardens opening for the Festival are:

Autumn: First weekend of May, i.e. 2, 3 May



Prelude: second weekend of October, i.e. 10, 11 October

Main Festival: first weekend of November with the two days in front,

i.e. Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 November

Summer favourites

Agapanthus and hydrangeas


From mid, late November the stars of summer in the garden show their cool side with their blue and pale lilac coloured flowers.

The Festival logo is a flower-filled wheelbarrow. Here is a variation on this theme with a tipped over barrow resplendent with probably begonias.  Taken on one of the Channel Islands off Britain by one of our members.

The Festival covers the inland South West of Western Australia and aims to have gardens open from Donnybrook, Kirup through Balingup and Nannup to Bridgetown, Manjimup and Pemberton. Contact us if you would like to know more.

Note: This is the official website of Blackwood Country Gardens Inc, which organizes the Festival of Country Gardens and is the original source of information about the gardens and events that make up the programme for each Festival.  Other sites may be out of date or inaccurate.

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