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Festival events for 2014

The program that gives the details of the 23 gardens is now online. 

Two versions that you can download and print off (if you wish): larger size (2.5 Mb) and smaller size (1.1 Mb).

Printed programs are ready and have mostly been distributed over 17 to 19 September to our regular outlets.  Or see below!

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Found in some Festival gardens

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Rhododendrons will do well in favoured spots in some gardens that have moisture and dappled shade.

Cover page of the program on right

Early Spring, the Prelude: second weekend of October, 11-12; Twelve gardens are opening, so that there is plenty to choose from over this weekend.

Main Festival: Four days that includes the first weekend in November, ie Thursday 30 October to Sunday 2 November 2014.  Nineteen gardens will be on show including several that opened for the Prelude plus lots more.

Here is the list of the outlets:


Taken on a spring morning walk in the Golden Valley Tree Park in Balingup, just south of the townsite.  

An elderly apple tree, remnants of an old orchard of the early settlers to the area.  

In mid-October many pear, apple and cherry varieties are in flower with the first cherries ripening in late November.

We plan to have a morning or late afternoon guided walk through the Tree Park to explore many of its exciting groves of special trees.  See the Oak collection or the collection of cedars, or the Australian Collection.

Note: This is the official website of Blackwood Country Gardens Inc, which organizes the Festival of Country Gardens and is the original source of information about the gardens and events that make up the programme for each Festival.  Other sites may be out of date or inaccurate.

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