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Festival events for 2014

We still need more gardens to open in the Festival area, or put another way we would like to see several more garden owners wanting to share their gardens with visiting gardeners, some from the cities who don’t have the space that we enjoy.


We are looking for gardens that are down-to-earth country gardens; they don’t have to be designed by some trendy expert, nor do we expect the gardens to be maintained to the nth degree. Rather we love to see gardens that have been put together by the current or previous owners, that are of the area and that are an expression of the owner or owners’ enjoyment of all types of plants.  

Every garden in the Festival is different and each will have aspects that appeal to some or all of us.  The gardens help explain what it is like living in the inland South West. 

Go to Festival Organizing to see how you can enjoy being part of the Festival. 

Morning walk at the Golden Valley Tree Park in Balingup

The Park is an arboretum with regional and State significance with its wide collection of World species and a separate section of Australian species.

An example of a very large garden, but a garden, nonetheless.


An event from last year’s Prelude, taken on 13 October 2013.

Gardens will be in Bridgetown, Balingup, Nannup, Manjimup and Pemberton.  More towns may be involved.

Down load the application form now if you would like to open your garden in the Festival area. 

Early Spring: second weekend of October, 11-12; an informal Festival so check this website and the Facebook Page for gardens open and other activities.

Main Festival: Four days that includes the first weekend in November, ie Thursday 30 October to Sunday 2 November 2014. Festival with gardens open over the four days.

Mde Gregoire Stachelin, a climbing Hybrid Tea, on a jarrah pergola, in a Balingup garden. Flowers once in spring.

Details: View Autumn program in this Album.

Autumn is the time to see the beautiful autumn colours of the many deciduous trees in the area. With the recent cool nights and warm days many of the trees are at their colourful peak over the Festival.


Hydrangea in its autumn tones

Hydrangeas, if you have afternoon shade and some water, give a great show for months and are possum proof.  They are poisonous which is a characteristic that the possums have discovered so they leave the leaves and flowers alone, unlike almond leaves and rose shoots.  

Note: This is the official website of Blackwood Country Gardens Inc, which organizes the Festival of Country Gardens and is the original source of information about the gardens and events that make up the programme for each Festival.  Other sites may be out of date or inaccurate.

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