The aim is to concentrate on the core elements of gardens and those events that explore the surrounding landscape or highlight produce from the area, eg having a Sundowner at The Cidery in Bridgetown. 

The wish is to encourage visitors and locals to explore this lovely region which many have commented on as "being like Tasmania" or "I thought I had to go to the Southern Highlands (in NSW) to see countryside as pretty as this".  Some are so delighted by the landscape and the benevolent garden conditions that they fall in love with a little run-down jarrah weatherboard and buy it with its 1 hectare of pleasant undulating countryside.

The program is designed to be a concise document giving sufficient information to find the gardens and to have an idea of the type and style of the garden as well as showing cost of admission and the owner’s details. Maps are provided as it has proved that these help people find the gardens and also help in planning the visiting day, because the maps show where gardens are clustered.

We recommend that visitors also consult local maps of the area or possibly use Google maps or other online sources to find the gardens. 

The program may be published on line.

Most garden exhibitors can be contacted by phone which is published with the garden description. Mobile coverage is quite good for Telstra account holders, though there are black spots in this hilly country.

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